My name is Emmelie Salomonsson and I'm an illustrator from Sweden. Spring 2019 I took my bachelor's degree in Visual Communication at KMD - University of Bergen, Norway.
I work with various techniques and are always looking for new projects!


Pedagogue at the Museum of Work (Creative workshop), Norrköping, Summer 2016

Pedagogue at the Museum of Work (Art 'n Stuff), Norrköping, Summer 2017

Pedagogue at the Museum of Work (My animal park), Norrköping, Summer 2018
Designer at Hulen, Bergen (non-profit organization), 2017
Boardmember at Linjeforeningen Raster, 2017
Illustrator at Studvest 2017- 2019


Visual Communication bachelor's degree at KMD, 2016 - 2019


Have a nice day! :)